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Electrical installation guide 1996 07 ref md1 elg 2e,

We are designers that do more than create.  We listen to you, stuff we learn about you, and we learn about your customer. We immerse ourselves in the transaction of communicating ideas, thoughts and emotions between your brand, product or service to an audience that is ready to experience and build trust in you.  We are designers of architecture, products, branded experiences and retail environments.

Our philosophy

We work for our customers and our success can be measured not just by what we do, but how much you communicate your value to us.  Design is communication, translation and interpretation that generates a solution, or many solutions.  It often generates more questions.  This process allows us to apply design thinking to understand and discover opportunities to provide the best business solution with the appropriate aesthetic expression.

Our approach

IMAGINE- Define what it is

REALIZE- Bring it to life

Our Services

Design Strategy
Conceptual Design
Retail Design
Commercial Interiors
Exhibit Design

What we do

As a design consultancy we provide creative services in two and three dimensional disciplines. Our starting point on a project can vary from the front end, including strategy, or at the conceptual phase. Either way we can provide great value at every phase.

Our Value

Award Winning Design

Projects for our clients have been published and hold international design awards for the work we have completed for them.

Design Strategy

We work with your team to develop a pathway to your desired customer and provide them with the brand connection that will turn them into an advocate for your brand..

Conceptual Design

We provide conceptual design not only to our customers, sildenafil but to other firms needing a specialist.

Retail Design

Our solutions include specialty retail, check financial services, real estate, food service.

Commercial Interiors

Brand positioning, space planning, material specification through design development and construction documents (architect).

Exhibit Design

From pop up to double deck exhibits, we have done it all.  From initial concept to on-site supervision to logistical support.

Tesla Retail Strategy

Tesla Motors was early in their retail efforts when they needed to greater understand the retail opportunity and how to connect with their growing customer base. Our task was to map out the retail experience cycle for them and identify the various phases and touch points along the way. Since their brand was still young, there customer retention and advocacy was critical for them and their long term success. This work was reflected in the roll out of their “mall” stores designed by others.

Clearcreek Contractors

A 6, viagra 000sf interior project in Marysville, salve WA. Clearcreek is a soil mediation contractor and was looking for and energetic environment for its employees. The CEO made a cultural decision to eliminate private offices for both himself and his employees. Everyone works at an open office station. There some private hoteling stations for HR, see accounting, and workspace for quiet work.

The building was once a US Rentals building and really was a blank slate. One half of the space with 20′ vaulted space and the other half under a mezzanine, they are connected via a sculptural geometric conference room. Community space is under the mezzanine, with open office in the vaulted space. The conference room structure is 55 feet long and contains a board room and a smaller team space. The custom conference room table is 18′ long and made of Adler with a blacken metal insert, the shape of Clearcreek’s logo.

Union Bank Branch, Pleasanton, CA

This branch was the first execution of a new retail banking prototype for Union Bank while on contract with Callison Architecture, rx ampoule a global firm. As the principle designer of the project, see starting from their brand standards, through block planning, conceptual design, schematic design and design development. Lead the team as it grew to develop construction documents and test fits as well as stand alone concepts.

Point Edwards Condo Sales Center

Point Edwards is a luxury condominium development overlooking the Puget Sound north of Seattle. When we started the design of the sales center we felt due the buyer demographics that the space be non-confrontational and more experiential. A visitor would need to walk nearly 30′ before being greeted by a realtor. The experience was designed to engage them, sovaldi sale inform them, sildenafil and entice them to wanting more information. Not only did we design the entire environment, we also produced and directed the creation of short video’s that represented the value of the community, the amenities, and the design of the project. Theatrical lighting was integrated to give the space the feeling of sunlight 12 months a year.


Sightlife is a non-profit corneal eye-bank in Seattle. The photo’s here are the second office interior we have designed for them. This office design was in a new Gold LEED building, cialis with raised floor, automatic window shades, light filters and limited cooling. These conditions offered numerous challenges and cultural considerations. Private offices were limited only to senior executives, with mid level managers had visual privacy, but not for sound. The office also contained a lab for receiving, inspecting, and distributing cornea’s, as well as R&D efforts. Due to the LEED design building the consideration of air flow directed the interior architecture to be porous.

Sterling Bank Branch Portland

While at Callison, here I was involved in finishing out details of the new prototype design and working with the project architect on fitting the design to various locations in the northwest. In this branch in a historical building in downtown Portland, my task was to maintain the the integrity of the building historical state while manipulating the prototype to a unusual space.

HTC – Beats by Dr. Dre

The conceptual work represented here was done as a very quick study of the retail space for mobile providers and how that knowledge would apply to the blending of the brands HTC and Best by Dr. Dre. The work was done in advance of HTC’s investment in the company. The goal was to see how the brands might coexist in various retail environments and scales. The renderings show a range from and end cap, stuff small and large island display and a high street format.

KeyBank 4562 Retail Prototype Design

This project was designed while working at Callison Architecture. As the design lead for all financial retail, rx this retail prototype was one for KeyBank was based upon a financial model using an IRS tax code 4562. The design was based upon maximum benefit of this tax code which allowed for faster depreciation of architectural exterior and interior elements that were considered as attachments to more permanent. The development of the interior was to create a more anchored feeling for the customer to the architecture, warmer and more engaged. The architecture of the interior and exterior being heavily branded in both form and color to show a consistent expression and experience.

DNS Electronics

We have working with DNS Electronics fro more than 25 years. Our work for them has been as an outside creative agency responsible for two and three dimensional marketing efforts. During this relationship we have designed several best of show exhibits and design awards for them, viagra while working in a very sustainable model, physician reusing and repurposing various elements.

Capital One Retail Prototype

This design was developed while at Callison Architecture. As the design lead for all financial retail projects, prescription my role with the development of the Capital One project included responding to the initial RFP, competing against Gensler and Little Architects. Upon being awarded the contract to develop this prototype, my role was to build a team, lead the creative and manage the project through design development. This is the first retail prototype that Capital One has developed since going to retail sites, beyond their well known credit card business model.

Fortifiber Building Products

The exhibit we designed for Fortifiber was also a roll out of their new branding. The design was to communicate the concerns around mold and mildew in home and commercial structures, pilule express their commitment to quality and present their value as a company and their products. By addressing the “elephant in the room” their trade show booth attendance grow four fold.

AT&T Store of the Future Concept

The project was designs while on a contract engagement at Callison Architecture. The team on this project developed a couple concepts and the images here are for the concept that was done mostly by myself. The concept was driven buy creating an environment that engaged the customer through lifestyle visuals that represented the value of the services and technology that AT&T provides that improves the customers life experiences. In addition, check concepts around how customer engagements with the product and store associates could be improved in both personal comfort, viagra and engagement with the products and services.

Vogue Salon and Spa

Located in Newport Beach, recipe CA, this salon and spa was design to fit a wide demographic. Lighting was a key element of the design, check to light the face without shadows and to color correct the light on the hair so that various lighting environments would not shift the hair color. The design was also intended to be moveable, advice within the space or to another space.

JAMS LA World Trade Center

THe office for JAMS, sale a arbitration and mediation firm is located in the World Trade Center in Los Angeles. The lobby photos show only a part of a 14, no rx 000sf redesign/remodel of their space. In addition to this project, we also developed a work space standards manual that allowed them in their growth to make appropriate real estate commitments. We also designed their corporate office in Irvine, CA.

Communication Graphics


Sokudo was a spin-off of DNS Electronics of their track products.

Pacific International- Kaijo

Our Work

Our design work is a result of listening to our clients needs and expressing their brand identity through dimensional environments and experiences. Whether it be a brand, capsule product or service, the environment must represent and translate the value of the offering.


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